Working and Long-Distance Learning

Last month, we talked about how working from home can now mean working from anywhere, including Park City! This month, we’re going to cover the great advantages of working and long-distance learning from a vacation rental!

working and long-distance learningThere’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that Covid-19 has changed the way we all live, and probably will for a long time to come. While we in no way mean to minimize the hardships that many people have been through, we also want to talk about the ways in which our lives have expanded.

As many schools and employers have embraced the work-from-home paradigm, the fabric of our lives is changing, in ways we could never have foreseen even a scant year ago. 

While many of us have chosen our place of residence based on career commitments or a good school district for our children, those physical tethers are disintegrating. Many of us are in a kind of awakening that we actually have a lot more freedom than we used to. 

With that in mind, we want to underscore some of the really important reasons you should consider working and learning long-distance from a vacation rental, particularly one in Park City.  

You Already Know You Love It

You’ve been coming here season after season, year after year. You’ve got your favorite trails, your favorite shops, your favorite restaurants. working and long-distance learning

While Park City may look a lot different than “home”, it’s known to you. It’s a place where you’re comfortable, you already know your way around and you already know your heart speeds up just a little bit every time you arrive.

Who wouldn’t want to work and learn long-distance from a spot you already love?

Try Out a Different Lifestyle

Tell the truth, you’ve dreamed of being a ski bum on at least one occasion, right? That’s okay, who hasn’t? While it’s probably not an option to spend every day on the slopes anymore, it is definitely possible to enjoy the lifestyle a mountain town offers. Things like close proximity to nature, a healthy outdoors lifestyle and yes, the slopes right there when time allows are all alluring features of life in the mountains. 

Change is Good for the Soul 

working and long-distance learningIt’s a great big world out there. Don’t let life pass by without seeing as much of it as you can. Working and long-distance learning from a vacation rental in Park City will teach you things you didn’t know about yourself and your resilience, your curiosity about life, and your environment.

Open Spaces

We enjoy lots of safe, open space here. Get outside and enjoy it!! Whether your passion is fishing, swimming, water sports, hiking, mountain biking, skiing or snowboarding it’s all here for you in Park City! And all at an appropriate social distance. 

Look Towards Relocation

If you’ve ever considered the big move of relocation, working and long-distance learning from a vacation rental in Park City will give you the best possible idea of how you would like our environs as your permanent home base.working and long-distance learning

Talk to our staff about the different areas of Park City and their unique features. We’d love to help! 


Last, but by no means least, wouldn’t you rather wake up to the sight of our magnificent mountains than your neighbor’s driveway? Just sayin’…

We hope to see you soon!

Work From Home in Park City

We Welcome You to Work from Home in Park City

So many things have changed in the last 6 months. Who would have ever believed face mask fashion and working from home would become “things”?  

There’s no doubt that the Coronavirus has had a profound impact on all of our lives. It has affected the way we interact with the world, from the way we shop to the way we exercise to the way we hang out with our friends and family. It’s created a whole new world and it takes some getting used to, right?

It’s hard to see a silver lining in all of this, but there is one. And that’s that there are now more remote workers than ever before. More and more employers are jumping on the “work from home” bandwagon and location freedom has become a real thing for many employees. 

In times past, the only people lucky enough to work from home were self-employed. The trade-off was the instability of self-employment. 

Now, remote workers get the best of both worlds. The ability to work in their pajamas, and not have to endure endless meetings AND have a steady paycheck and benefits. 

What could be better?

Ummm,  a change of pace, maybe?

Upgrade Your Views While Working from Home

That’s where we come in! Everyone is feeling a little stir-crazy after months of stay-at-home orders and endless Amazon boxes delivered to our doors. And staring at the same walls around our makeshift home offices can get, well, boring. 

Since you can now work from anywhere, why would you not want to work in Park City? While there are some safety measures in place (face coverings and social distancing are important here), many of the things you’ve always loved about Park City are open and available for your enjoyment! 

Plenty of Activities in Your Off Time

All of our 400 miles of open hiking and mountain biking trails are open. Just be safe and courteous to fellow hikers and bikers. Need a trail guide or outfitter? No problem, they’re open for business. Check out this list of available outdoor activities.  

Looking to hit the slopes in your downtime? Good news – the resorts are open. Since Social distancing is pretty much already built in to skiing, not much has changed, but check with each individual resort as a precaution. 

How about a romantic dinner or a kid-friendly night out? Check. While restaurants have altered their seating practices (parties must be seated at least 6’ apart), many of your favorites are open for inhouse dining. And of course, if take-out or curbside is more your jam, that’s available, too. 

If you’d like to pamper yourself or a loved one with a spa day, you can make it happen with the appropriate social distancing. 

Looking to stay out of the fresh mountain air for a few hours? Some of our wonderful arts and culture venues have reopened for our guests and locals.

You’re Safe with Us While You Work from Home

All of our vacation rental properties offer you the safety and security of your own private space, CDC-guidelines cleaning, WiFi, and the comfort of a home-like atmosphere while you’re working from home! A view of those mountain peaks, whether inside or out, is always inspiring!

You and your dedicated quaranteam deserve the adventure of a Park City work (or play) vacation! We look forward to providing you with a treasured family memory!

What’s There To Do This Fall in Park City? Plenty!

Fall in Park City looks a little different this year. We may be missing some of the festivals and gatherings we’ve attended in the past, there’s still plenty of reasons to visit Park City in the fall!

As a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts, Park City never fails to delight no matter what season you choose to visit. And with our current health concerns, you can feel safe and secure enjoying our stunning mountain retreat with easy social distancing from others. There’s always something to do, somewhere to go, and new experiences to be cherished.

Consider some of these options: 

Take a Hike! 

No, seriously. With more than 400 miles of hiking trails in and around Park City, you’re sure to find your perfect fit, whether you’re a novice or an advanced hiker. 

Wind your way through landscapes ranging from meadows to mountains to rivers and keep your eye out for a variety of local wildlife. Just remember to enjoy them from a distance – no selfies, please!

Mountain Biking

Looking for something a little more daredevil-ish than a simple hike? How about a mountain bike ride?

You might be surprised to learn that Park Çity is a mountain biking destination as well as a skiing destination, but it is! 

With a minimum of a half-dozen mountain biking trails in the area, you’ll no doubt find your perfect balance of exercise and scenery to enjoy. 


While you may not think of Park City as a premier fishing destination, there’s some pretty darn good blue-ribbon fly-fishing on both the Provo and Weber Rivers. Prefer to get out of the streams and eddies? Check out the still water fly fishing on the Strawberry, Echo, Rockport, and Jordanelle reservoirs. 

Hot Air Ballooning

What better way to see the entire Park City landscape than from within the safety of a hot-air balloon’s basket? Prepare for an awe-inspiring journey as you take in the oranges, yellows, and reds of surrounding fall foliage. Make sure to have that camera ready!

While most hot-air balloons accommodate anywhere from 4-10 guests, you can reserve a 2-person excursion with a 1-person pilot to maximize your safety.

Outdoor Dining

While it may be a while until we all feel safe about indoor dining again, we can certainly consider an outdoor meal (and in Park City, that may well come with a great view, at no extra charge!)

What could be better than sitting in the crisp fall air, with a favorite beverage and great company, while you enjoy a delicious meal from one of your favorite (or new favorite) Park City restaurants. 

A few suggestions: 

Riverhorse on Main

The Bridge Cafe and Grill


Main Street Pizza and Noodle

Flanagan’s on Main

Scenic Drives

Last, but by no means least, hop in the car and take a scenic country drive! You won’t find more beautiful country than in our little corner of heaven. Here are some suggestions to get you started: 

Guardsman Pass

Wolf Creek Highway Pass

Weber Canyon

Bridal Veil Falls Trail

So, while we’re experiencing our favorite destinations in a new way these days, that doesn’t mean we can’t still get the most out of every day of vacation. You can still avoid the crowds, travel just with your own quaranteam and have a picture perfect vacation in Park City.

We look forward to welcoming you into one of our Covid-clean and safe rental homes and condominiums. As always, if we can help in any way, simply ask. We love to see our guests happy!

Where it Stands in Park City

There’s no doubt we’re living in unprecedented times. Covid-19 has changed the way we live, work, shop, interact, and also the way we vacation. 

At Moose Management Park City Rentals, transparency has always been one of our communication cornerstones. We believe that in order to make the best decisions, you must have the best information. So, with that in mind, we’d like to give you the most updated information that is currently available about the current state of affairs in Park City as it relates to Covid-19.


As of June 26, 2020, the Summit County Council has mandated the wearing of masks in public in the following situations: 

  • Inside of, or in line to enter, any indoor space, which is open to members of the public.
  • Obtaining services from the healthcare industry in settings, including without limitation, a hospital, pharmacy, medical clinic, laboratory, physician or dental office, veterinary clinic, or blood bank, unless directed otherwise by a healthcare provider.
  • Employees, staff, or volunteers engaging in work, whether inside or outside at the workplace or performing work off-site, when: Interacting in-person with any member of the public; working in any space visited by members of the public, regardless of whether anyone from the public is present at the time; or working in any space where food is prepared or packaged for sale or distribution.
  • At all community gatherings, indoor or outdoor, which is defined as a gathering of over fifty (50) people in any one location.

There are some exceptions to this rule, which may be viewed here. 

Things to Know About Dining In Park City

  • Parties must be seated at least 6 feet apart. 
  • You may be asked for your contact information to aid in contact tracing efforts. 
  • Takeout and curbside pickup options may continue for those who prefer these options.
  • Contactless payment is encouraged.

Things to Know About Shopping in Park City

  • Maintain social distance of 6’.
  • One-way aisles are in effect in most stores to help with social distancing. 
  • If possible, avoid bringing in strollers and kids to allow for better social distancing.
  • Reusable bags and mugs are permitted. 

Our Communities

We have received many phone calls and emails from guests and owners regarding public use facilities at many of the Park City communities. As of this writing, we can report the following: 

Bear Hollow Village: Pool and clubhouse are open. Hot tub is closed. The fitness room is open with limited machines. 

Bear Hollow Lodges: Hot tubs are open.

Crestview:  Pool and hot tub are open Mon-Friday from 10-6, but closed Saturday and Sunday. 

Stillwater Lodges: Pool and hot tub are open.

Fox Bay:  Pool and hot tub are open with one-hour time limits and social distancing

Retreat at Jordanelle/Parks Edge:  Pool and hot tub are open with social distancing guidelines

Prospector Condos: Pool and hot tub are open.

Westgate amenities and pool are available.

Three Kings: Pool and hot tub are open from 10:15 am-8:45 pm 7 days.

Carriage House: Pool is open with a limit of 8 people and social distancing guidelines in place

If you have any additional or specific questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. While we may not know the answer immediately, we’ll do our best to find it for you. 

Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with each of our guests and owners in these most uncertain of times. We look forward to the day we can all safely be together again. 

Park City Romance Guide

In celebration of Valentine’s Day and the romantic month of February, this post is for everyone who loves and celebrates love.

Read on for romantic day or evening activities to pamper your beloved with. And after that, we’ll delve into some of the most swoon-worthy restaurants Park City has to offer and finish it up with perfect accommodations. 

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Imagine yourself ascending into the clouds while marveling at the colorful sunrise over the mountains. All of that, plus mimosas, can be yours when you schedule a thrilling hot air balloon flight with Park City Balloon Adventures, Skywalker Balloon Company or Bigfoot Balloons

Sleigh Ride

What could be more romantic than bundling up together in the cold night air with hot chocolate and warm cozy blankets riding in an open sleigh over the town and mountain scenery? Book your adventure with Rocky Mountain Outfitters for a memorable ride around the Homestead Resort, within the beautiful Heber Valley. 

Looking to add a totally unique element to your cozy sleigh ride? Book a reservation at the Viking Yurt and get ready for a once-in-a-lifetime Nordic mountain fine-dining adventure. 

Horseback Riding

Go back to Pioneer days and get in touch with the natural world atop a beautiful horse, as you meander through alpine meadows, along waterfalls and in view of the Wasatch Mountains and Mount Timpanogos. Rocky Mountain Outfitters has a variety of trails to choose from, including sunset rides. Red Pine Adventures and Destination Sports & Adventure are also ready to help you plan your horseback riding adventure. 

Couples Wellness

No list of romantic activities would be complete without a couple’s massage suggestion. Here in Park City, the possibilities are many for a relaxing spa treatment with your sweetheart. Try Align Spa, Park City Massage & Spa, or Massage Express. If you’d like the ultimate decadence of an in-home experience, try Rapha Massage, or Massage Artistry.  


Some of our favorite romantic dinner spots include: 

Riverhorse on Main – One of the oldest and most well-loved restaurants on Main St. Their rotating menu of classic favorites is sure to please any palate. 

Grappa – this rustic classic Italian eatery earns its place on our list for its romantic atmosphere and gorgeous views from the top of Main St. 

Purple Sage – for a delightful old meets new Western cuisine experience, look no further than the Purple Sage. Be sure to try the meatloaf! 

Chimayo – offering deliciously eclectic Southwestern cuisine in a cozy, firelit atmosphere, Chimayo is sure to become one of your Park City go-to’s.  


Because your choice of accommodations is one of the most important decisions you’ll make on your Park City romantic adventure, we’d like to suggest some of our favorite “can’t-go-wrong” condos and homes!

Westgate 3901A offers a fireplace and gorgeous mountain view in a luxurious setting with resort amenities.  

Stillwater 2013 boasts plush carpeting, fireplace, sliding glass door to patio overlooking the Mayflower Ski area AND 2 full baths. 

Prospector 731 is a gorgeous loft studio condo right in the heart of downtown Park City. Sleep under the stars with a large skylight in the loft sleeping area. 

Newpark Nevis 13 offers an incredible PRIVATE rooftop deck and hot tub and features awe-inspiring views of the Wasatch Mountains. 

Now that we’ve made it so easy for you to plan your romantic getaway to Park City, we can’t wait to welcome you and your sweetheart!