Why Vacation Rentals are the Safest Option

We miss our guests. 

But we want them to stay safe and healthy. And we understand that, right now, very little feels safe. 

The world has changed in ways we couldn’t have fathomed just a few short months ago. And none of us know what “going back to normal” is going to look like when the virus has run its course. There are a lot of unknowns and none of us have all the answers. 

But what we do know is this. When it’s time to stretch your wings and venture out of your home again,  a private vacation rental is the safest place you can be. As a matter of fact, it’s the only place where you can continue “quaranteaming” with no additional outside intrusion. 

How is that possible? Please consider the following facts: 


Housekeeping Protocols

Since the pandemic struck, the vacation rental industry has implemented the SafeHome campaign, a stringent new set of cleaning and sanitation guidelines that meets or exceeds those mandated statewide or per municipality. Here at Vacation Rentals Park City, we have taken that a step further and updated our cleaning and sanitation policies to adhere to the guidelines suggested by the Center for Disease Control (CDC). You and your family can be assured that your home conforms to the most comprehensive sanitation guide available. 


Group Safety

Throughout this pandemic, many of us have been “quaranteaming” with our families, groups of friends or other loved ones. At a vacation rental, you can continue to do that, with no more outside intrusion than you experience at your home base. 

Our vacation rentals come equipped with keyless entry, with codes changed for every guest. There’s no office check-ins or face-to-face staff contact. You simply receive your door code prior to arrival and check-in to your vacation home at the designated time.

Additionally, if you prefer to stay out of the grocery store, you can easily arrange grocery delivery from a local company. Please visit our website at https://www.vacationrentalsparkcity.com/grocery-delivery-and-personal-chef/ for details.


Security Measures

This is, unfortunately, an uncertain time for many of us. Typically, when things become uncertain, we crave security. 

Choosing a vacation rental home or condominium for your quaranteam vacation is one of the most secure forms of travel. It also allows the most control over access. 

Why? Because many owners have upgraded their homes with smart home features, like door locks that can be accessed from an app on your phone or a home assistant device like Alexa. 

Guests who choose a vacation rental home or condominium can sleep soundly at night, knowing they are safely tucked in, with the property locked and secured. 

In contrast, hotels and resorts are open 24/7. There are no controls over who can enter the lobby and typically, only a skeleton crew staffs the front desk area during the overnight hours. It’s a big contrast from the safety and security you’ll enjoy in a private vacation rental home or condominium. 


Outdoor Activities Abound

Here’s the other great thing about returning to Park City: most of the best stuff to do is outside! Skiing, snowmobiling, hiking, fishing, biking, and almost endless other activities await you in safety with your “quaranteam”. 

We can’t wait to see you again. Until then, stay safe and healthy!