Owner Portal Instructions

As a reminder, the owner portal general use instructions are below. Let us know if you need a fresh registration link or have any questions.

  • Owner Portal Log-in Link: Owner.instantsoftware.com/2383 *Note: Do not use the registration link for regular log-in.
  • The portal is made to be used on the Google Chrome browser. Other browsers will work but functionality may be limited.
  • To add a stay on the calendar tab, click the blue “Create Reservation” button above the calendar.
  • To change or cancel your stay, simply click the reservation line “ON” the calendar and it will bring up a menu which will allow you to “edit reservation” or “cancel reservation.”
    NOTE: Make sure to add a “reason” for the change/cancel. The “Save” button will not activate until a reason is added.

Important things to note:

  • Reservation changes or cancellations cannot be made, on the owner portal calendar, during the scheduled stay.  If you need to lengthen or shorten a current stay, please notify us and we will do this for you.
  • Tentative reservations are not available.  If you set dates on your calendar, the calendar is blocked and unavailable for guests unless you cancel or shorten the stay.
  • ANY open dates on the calendar may be guest reserved up to one-year in advance. Make sure to book your stays so they are available to you. You can book up to 5 years in advance. You can always cancel dates when not needed any longer. Don’t forget to cancel dates when you won’t be coming. We may be able to add a reservation in their place.
  • When an owner reservation is scheduled, it assumes a check in time of 4:00pm MT (or after) and a check out time of 10:00am MT (or before).
    If you need to check in in the morning, please block the previous night.  If you need to check out in the evening please block until the next morning. Please also make a note of your estimated check in and out times when booking a stay.
  • When an owner reservation is scheduled, a full cleaning is also scheduled for the morning of the check-out date.  If you will only require a partial clean you must notify us 48-hours prior to check out so that we can alert the cleaner and adjust the cost.
  • Guest Stays: When scheduling a guest stay, we will need to know the following:
    1. Will you or the guest be paying for the cleaning?
    2. Your guest WILL be required to sign the rental agreement.
    3. Will you require the guest to purchase the accidental damage insurance or provide a security deposit?
    4. Would you like us to send the guest check in instructions, including their own door code?
      Please include this information in the comments section when booking a complimentary stay for a friend or family member.