A Most Unusual Spring

We’re living in unprecedented times. No one alive today has seen days like these. In oft-repeated words, this virus has been “the great equalizer” in that we are all vulnerable. It doesn’t care if we’re young, old, rich, poor, black, white, there is no discrimination. From that perspective, we are now one global family banding together to get through this terrible ordeal.

Of course, there has been division, and finger-pointing, perhaps borne of fear, perhaps other emotions. This has been a terribly trying time for all of us. Unfortunately, it may continue that way for some time. 

But, and this is a great, big but, the human spirit has not been broken. We hear stories of heroism and generosity daily. A newspaper delivery man who has started grocery shopping for his elderly neighbors – for free. The woman who brought her therapy dog to their regular nursing home appointment and visited through the windows with the residents. The celebrities who are livestreaming free entertainment. The thousands of vacation home & RV owners who have offered up their properties to our selfless first-responders. 

Then, of course, there are the everyday unsung heroes. Neighbors that check on each other. Friends and family who share what they have, whether it’s a meal, a face mask or a roll of toilet paper. As always, times of crisis seem to bring out the best in humanity. And for that, we are all so grateful. 

If there’s an additional silver lining to this worldwide crisis, perhaps it’s the signs that the Earth has started to heal itself since we’ve all been in lockdown. Fish are returning to the canals in Venice. The air above Los Angeles has cleared. The Himalayan mountains are visible from India. 

Eventually, this hardship shall pass. The world may look different when it’s over. But it will end. Let’s hope that when it does, we’ll all retain the lessons of friendship, family, compassion, generosity and love that we’ve collectively learned. 

And then we’ll go out to dinner again. We’ll go to a movie or go get a drink. We’ll hug our loved ones. Maybe we’ll shake our friends hands. We’ll shop at fully stocked grocery stores and supermarkets. 

Best of all, we’ll be able to enjoy vacation again. One day, hopefully soon, all the state and country borders will open and we’ll start making plans again. We’ll drool over the beautiful vacation homes and condos on websites. Make our reservations. We’ll get back in our cars and we’ll book our airplane seats.

And we’ll arrive at our favorite destinations. We’ll breathe in the crisp mountain air. Our eyes will sparkle with the sight of something new. We’ll greet our favorite vacation rental managers and pick up the keys to a new adventure. 

At Moose Management Vacation Rentals, believe us when we tell you we’ve missed our guests. We’ve missed answering your questions and recommending our favorite restaurants and activities. After all, we CHOSE the hospitality industry! We want you all to follow your local instructions and keep yourself and all your loved ones safe and healthy. And as soon as we’re all able, we can’t wait to see you again!

Until then, friends, Park City and Moose Management Vacation Rentals await your return.