Unique Adventures in Park City

Nearly every day in Park City is an adventure in feeding your body and soul with crisp, fresh air and exhilarating exercise. And then topping it off with a rejuvenating hot tub soak or maybe a mellow beer or glass of wine. 

There’s plenty to do here to engage your brain as well as your body. Check out some of the unique experiences to create during your Park City holiday. You’ll come away with some great new perspectives!

Flower Arranging at Flowers By You Floral Bar

Ever wanted to try your hand at this particular art form? Choose from either a floral or terrarium workshop and let your inner artist out to play. You’ll receive instruction and supplies; all you need to bring is your imagination! 

Wander with Wild Women Tribe and Meet New Soulmates

Have you ever wanted to go on an Australian walkabout? This is probably the closest you’ll come here in the US. Sorry, guys, this is a women-only experience! Part wilderness hike, part mindfulness journey, part immersive yoga experience, and part soulmate experience, each “wander” is themed. Examples include: Intention, Personal Power, Judgment, Creation, Self-Worth.   

Expand your Gourmet Cooking Skills 

At Mindful Cuisine, you may participate in a number of private or public cooking classes, ranging from Fundamental Cooking Skills to Cooking for a Cause. Design your own 4-course meal, learn about different cuisines or brush up on your kitchen skills. At Mountain Town Olive Oil, indulge your inner food critic with food and wine pairing classes, with tastings of 3-5 recipes each week. 

Paint a Masterpiece

At The Paint Mixer, both structured lessons and open studio time are offered several convenient times each week. Unleash your inner artist with any of their artwork as inspiration or reach into your own imagination. Some of the instructor-led courses also feature lively Mimosas and/or wine. 

Be the First to Discover the Next “In” Restaurant

Ranked #1 on TripAdvisor for all Park City food and drink activities for 2019, Gourmand Tours offers a unique experience. Part walking tour, part history, and part delicious food and drink, the Gourmand Tour focuses on Main Street hidden gems and best-kept secrets. You’ll also check out Main Street art and discover fascinating tidbits about Park City’s history. 

Snowshoe to a Yoga Class in a Yurt

Yes, this one is exceptional, even for the lofty standards we’ve established. But bear with us. Offered by the Lodge at Blue Sky, this highly unique experience allows you to explore a 3500-acre wonderland on snowshoes, followed by a toasty yoga class in a fireside yurt. How can you not gift yourself with this incredible offering? 

Take a Scenic Train Ride

While not an unusual activity, the scenery you’ll enjoy is unique to Park City. Aboard the Heber Valley Railroad, be prepared to spot a variety of wildlife, including bald eagles, elk, coyotes, and mule deer. You may even experience (yes, this is a spoiler alert) a cowboy train robbery. Don’t worry, it’s all in good fun! 


Whichever you decide, you’re sure to come home with a new perspective and appreciation for your unique experience in Park City.