Our 3 Favorite Hiking Trails in Park City

With the month of April on the horizon, we can’t help but begin daydreaming about spring and summer in Park City. Although we are still experiencing some chilly temps and winter weather, we also know that these days are numbered, and that pretty soon we’ll be packing up our cold-weather gear and getting ready to soak up the sunshine.

Every year around this time, we also start imagining all the epic hikes and fun mountain biking trips we’re going to take once the weather turns. So we thought it was the perfect time to share our favorite Park City hiking trails with you. 

So lace up your hiking shoes and away we go!

The Lofty Lakes Loop

We love a good loop trail— meaning you don’t have to double back the same way you came and can enjoy new views around every turn. The Lofty Lakes Loop has some truly gorgeous ridge and lake views, as well as huge meadows filled with vibrant wildflowers in the late summer. This particular trail does not allow mountain biking, so you can either hike the 4.4 miles or go for a run. You can even bring your furry family member too since this trail is dog friendly. This trail is not super-steep either, making it perfect for a day trip.

The Blood Lakes Trail

Although it has a kind of scary name, this hiking trail is one of our absolute faves. Blood Lakes is a pristine alpine lake that is ideal for swimming in the warmer months. The Blood Lakes trailhead is about a 15-minute drive from downtown Park City, and the trail itself takes you through lovely, peaceful meadows with gorgeous mountain views. Blood Lakes is also dog-friendly, but dogs are required to be on a leash at all times. This trail also has a smidge steeper incline than Lofty lakes, but it flattens out as you get closer to the lake. The entire distance of Blood Lakes is just under three miles for a round trip. 

The Armstrong Trail

If you’re a fan of mountain biking, you’ll want to take this trail for a spin. This trail is steeper than the other two, but there are plenty of scenic lookout spots to take a break if you get tired. The total loop distance for this trail is a little over three miles, and once you hit the halfway point and start heading back downhill, you’ll enjoy a lovely view of downtown Park City. Dogs are also welcome here as well and should be kept on a leash because of all the mountain biking traffic. 

Some Trail Tips

Remember to make sure that your phone is completely charged before heading out, and always tell someone where you will be and what trail you plan on taking. You’ll also want to pack some just-in-case rain gear and plenty of snacks and water— for your dog too if he’s coming along. And practice Leave No Trace— meaning that any trash or supplies that go on the trail with you also come home with you too. 

For advice on where to rent a home that’s close to these fabulous trails and other Park City spring and summer excitement, contact the experts at Moose Management. We love finding families their happy place in Park City.