July 4th and Pioneer Days 2021 in Park City

Although our July celebrations will be a bit skewed this year due to Covid-19, we’re still planning on celebrating our summer 2021 holidays in style. Many of our summertime celebrations were canceled completely last year due to concerns about the coronavirus, so we’re excited to have any events at all this year. And we’re more than ready to make adjustments in order to stay safe and healthy. 

Here are a few things we’re psyched about for summer 2021.

4th of July Parade— On the 2nd

Instead of canceling the parade altogether like last year, city officials decided to move it to Friday, July 2nd. They’re hoping that not having the parade on the 4th will limit the number of spectators and therefore be a bit safer for everyone. Normally, Park City is the most popular spot to celebrate July 4th in the state— starting with a parade and ending with fireworks. But this year, the parade will be on the 2nd with the fireworks scheduled for the 3rd.

The parade will follow the traditional route through Main Street to City Park and is set to start at 5 PM on Friday, July 2, 2021.

Independence Day Fireworks— On July 3rd

The fireworks will also be moved in an effort to keep the crowds from being too large. This year, the fireworks will be launched on July 3rd, which is the same day as the Canyons Village fireworks display. City officials are hopeful that this will break up one giant crowd into two smaller crowds— which will be safer and easier to maintain social distancing guidelines. 

The Independence Day fireworks display is scheduled to go off at 9 PM on Saturday, July 3, 2021, at Park City Mountain.

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Pioneer Day— On July 24th

A popular state holiday in Utah, Pioneer Day is often synonymous with summertime. Pioneer Day celebrates the arrival of Brigham Young and the first Mormon settlers to the Salt Lake Valley. Locals celebrate this event with fireworks and parades throughout the state, and state offices and banks are closed. 

Although Pioneer Day is celebrated by everyone in Utah, it obviously has particular relevance to the Mormon community, and Salt Lake City has a ton of events and celebrations to enjoy. 

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Moose Management is Your Summertime Sidekick

At Moose Management, we love sharing our Park City knowledge with our guests. And this summer— with all the skewed dates and odd event times— you’re going to need a partner with all the insider info on the special summertime events. Drop us a line or give us a call and let us help you plan your summer 2021 trip to Park City.